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Cannot Wait to Read!

I've got lists of books I want to read everywhere.  They're on my phone, papers tucked inside my Kindle, and written on envelopes laying on my kitchen table.  I decided I'd better combine them all before I lose them.  Here's my reading list for fall when the weather cools off, when you can snuggle in a blanket, and enjoy the cool of the season.



















The first in a two-book series.


Book two in the Collide series.






My friend, Lisa, says this gives The Stand a run for it's money.  Hard to believe since The Stand is probably my all-time favorite Stephen King Novel.  I wanted to read this one because of the subject but just never picked it up.

















So I don't forget, there is a book called What is Heaven Like by Beverly Lewis that I want to keep in mind for Jake.  Maria Shriver is supposed to have a book called What's Heaven, but I have yet to find it, even on Amazon.