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Busy, Busy, Busy

Since school started for the boy AND me, we've been two busy bees with homework!  I'd trade mine for his except for the math.  This term I'm taking U.S. History and The Psychology of Adjustment.  Love the psychology, not so much the history like I'd thought.  Both classes require a LOT of reading and there are lectures for both classes as well.  I probably should have tackled only one course this term, but hopefully I'll get through them both.

Jake is taking violin lessons through the strings program at school.  I really hope he likes it and stays with it.  He's not interested in sports really, so music maybe?  We were able to rent his violin, which was a good option financially.  Aren't they beautiful instruments?

Work is fairly busy, but there are some big events coming up that will make it even busier there.  The Major Donor Dinner among others are next month. 

We spent a great Saturday at my cousin Hope's house, one last hoorah before summer fades to fall.  I love being with my cousins, and even my sister joined us this time!  I was so glad. 

I finally got the tattoo I wanted, or tried to.  I think the guy just didn't think my little $40 tattoo was worth his time.  Who knows?  I'll get it fixed though.  I've calmed down from it all, and I know I overreact sometimes, but when you finally decide to do something like mark your body, you want it to be right.  Obviously, he doesn't know how to write in cursive.

What I wanted:

 What I got:

 Looks like "lone" to me, and that's the last thing I want on my wrist.  Hopefully, in another week I can get it fixed. 

My mom's husband is going to be transferred to an assisted living facility soon.  They are working to balance out his meds.  The psychiatrist who evaluated him says while he may have moderate Alzheimer's, his dementia is severe.  It's really sad knowing he's this way, although I haven't visited him since he's been in the hospital.  Amy has kept me posted on things.  She and our mom were taking him his favorite food tonight, which hopefully he'll enjoy since he's not eating. 

My dad had his procedure to remove scar tissue from his prostate surgery this past Monday.  Hoping that it will take away his pain and other issues. 

Must to get work on my homework and do a little writing tonight.  So long for now.

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