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May 2016 was the last time I blogged. Wow. So much has happened since then. T proved to be an ass. P and I started to get along much better.  After trying to sell the rental house, I realized I could no longer deal with my living situation. December 1, 2016, Jake and I moved out. We're back in Spartanburg, close to everything, and we have great wifi. Jake's grateful for that, for sure. The apartment is small, but for me, it's a haven to come to after a long day and be at peace.  

Christmas was nice but different.  Amy didn't come to our Christmas Eve get together.  It was just Mama, Jake and me.  It was strange, but we enjoyed things.  I had bought lottery scratch-offs, and we played bingo for them.  Nannie's was fun, but it's more obvious that she is finding it tougher and tougher to get around on her own.  Yet, she still won't let anyone stay with her. Her hearing is basically gone.  

I have grown to LOVE my job.  The Rabbi and I have gotten to know each other a bit more, and I think we understand each other.  He's a very nice man, and I enjoy listening to him when he's talking to congregants or anyone converting to Judaism in his office. I think he's very wise, and I wish I could be as "cool" as he is about everything.  I'm only worried about one thing, and that's Susan telling me that I have to take Monday's off this summer.  Last summer, it was no big deal.  I was at Mama's and it was okay to miss a day's pay even though I could have used the money.  This summer, it's a different story since we've moved out, and I have rent to pay. I hoping she will understand that and not have me take Monday's off.  

The boy is dealing with his own issues.  I feel so bad for him, and wonder what on earth I can do, as his mom, to make things better.  He does have a wonderful new counselor who has started the Vineland testing for autism.  I don't think autism is an issue, but at least we can rule that out with this testing.  Jill, his counselor, will be able to help him with his social anxiety and anything else necessary.

The Comfort Project is keeping me going.  I started this nonprofit back in January.  I'm working on the 501c3 paperwork and have a fundraiser going on Go Fund Me.  We desperately need donations so that we can purchase fabric and yarn for the commitments made to the different organization. I'm excited to get the snuggle blankets finished up for Project Ed Bear and Akron Children's Hospital.  We've raised $180 of our $500 goal.  

Personally, I'm still feeling the loneliness that comes with being a single mom who does everything without help, who struggle to pay the bills, and at the end of day wishes there was someone she could be close to, talk to, and who might take a little pressure off of things just by being there.  All I can hope is "some day".  

I would say overall though that things are going well.  I'm happy again, which is a huge deal.  I hope that I can make it last. 


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