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Catch Up Time Again

I cannot believe that I have not introduced our new family member here on the blog!  She was found on the Limestone campus where I was working, and I couldn't leave her there.  The guys caught her for me, as she was feral and scared to death.  Pat came over and used her "cat whisperer" talents, and amazingly Sidney was fine with us within a couple of weeks.  She's funny, and honestly, she kept me smiling (along with my sweet boy) through a very low time.  Here's the gorgeous Sidney!

Well, she's not too gorgeous here, as she'd been outside for who knows how long, and she was only about 6 weeks old. 

We picked her up and held her with a towel so she wouldn't scratch us too badly.  She really came around much quicker than I thought.


Funny thing, I took her to the vet for her initial visit and checkup.  At 6 or 7 weeks old it is hard to tell the gender of a kitten, but the vet was pretty sure Sidney was a boy, and actually so was Pat.  When I finally scheduled what I thought was "his neutering", the vet said HE was a SHE!  At least Sidney fits either gender!  She was a very sad girl with the cone.

Isn't this a cute shot?  I think she's very photogenic, but I'm a bit partial.

Sidney is a great helper when I'm crafting, and who could resist those eyes??

Her silly side, and she is very silly!

Since losing my job, Jake and I have moved in with my mom.  I'd give almost anything to be anywhere else, but it is what it is right now.  I truly love my mother, but I am not at an age to be moving back in with mom.  Jake isn't happy because we are further away from everything and have no neighbors to speak of and especially none with kids.  He misses being able to walk over to his friend's house every day and play whenever he wants. 

There's also an issue of Internet, which I hope I have solved.  My mom lives in a void where no Internet exists aside from using Verizon to gouge you with their prices.  However, I did discover satellite Internet and I really hope it works out.  The plan is affordable, speed is good, so let's hope this is a keeper.  I'm tired of hearing Jake complain about no Internet and my mom complain of us going over the data limit. 

For me, it's an issue of privacy.  I NEED privacy, down time, alone time, and I had this when Jake would visit with Pat on the weekends.  Now when he's gone, I'm still here with my mom.  If my phone rings, she asks who it is.  If I get a text, she wants to know who's text me.  If I say it's not her business, and that it's a matter of having my privacy, then I've hurt her feelings. 

I'm hoping with every ounce of my being that things will get better and this won't ruin my relationship with her.  I do have to set some boundaries, though.

During the month of February when I was packing and preparing to move, we worked hard in my mom's house painting, moving furniture, tearing up carpet, etc.  My sister and a friend put the new wood flooring down in all bedrooms, the halls, and the sitting room.  I know my mom can't wait to get the rest of the house done.

Here's a before of my room although it doesn't show how completely full it was of furniture and other things!

And here's the after.  I still need to get some pics or art up on the walls. I have enough space for a little sitting area in front of the bed. 

Here's Jake's room before and after.  I painted the shelves of a bookcase my mom let me have a glossy green that matches the accent wall and the outside of the bookcase is a glossy version of the grey on the walls.  I really like it.

I also painted my mom's room for her, but no photos yet.  Now we have the other rooms to paint, but we'll get it done as we can.  It's a lot of work for sure.

There's so much going on right now, good stuff, I hope!  I'll have to write more later.  This post is getting a little long.  Night everyone!

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