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High Hopes

My sister and I, I think, have a good thing going if we can make it work.  Our problem is we have no cash on hand because I'm not working and neither is she.  We're both trying not to get frustrated, but it's tough.  Hopefully, we can borrow the tools we need from my dad, but we'll see.  He's pretty particular about his things.  If not, I'm hoping something will turn over for us. 

We have been making different items from pallets.  Our first item was serving/decorative trays.  We've sold two, have four left, and of course will make a tray in whatever color you'd like. 

We have found a company that has lots more colors of the chalk paint and I can't wait to stock up. 

Other items in the works include lounge chairs, coffee tables for indoors or outdoors, Americana artwork on pallets, end tables, and more! 

We've had a lot of rain here this week, and I have been afraid to do any painting in the garage for fear the paint wouldn't react well with how damp it's been.  Hoping for a day of sunshine tomorrow so we can get the lounge chair and table painted. 

Check back for more completed items soon!  Working on a web site for us as well so once that's ready, I'll share the link.


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