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It's Like Giving Birth!

As you know, I have always loved to write.  I think I may have finally found my niche not just for writing, but for being creative and helping others do the same.  Along with some great friends and writers, I launched this magazine!


It truly was like having a baby and knowing that it was possible there were many people going to see it through the window and either love it or hate it or having nothing to say, which I think is the worst! 

He/She/Us Magazine's premiere issue is 28 pages cover to cover and is filled with what I think are some truly interesting articles, and there are no ads!  Heather McClees will tell you about men and eating disorders.  Susan Summerville shares her survey and What Women Really Want.  Rachel Whetzel shares her knowledge on feeding our families healthier foods.  Kris Loya will help us all Thrive with her column by the same name in every issue.  There's so much more, too! 

One unique thing about this magazine, is some of our writers use surveys to assist with getting the real story to our readers.  We ask you the questions, put all the data together, and then share with you what we've discovered.  In this issue, Does Size Really Matter? and Is is Ever Okay? are both articles built from surveys.   Our surveys are posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so head over and "like" or "follow" the magazine and take any surveys that apply to you!  We want your input!

We are working on the next issue and I'm super excited about the articles we'll be sharing with you!  Alzheimer's and it's effects on everyone in the family, whether or not women can be as abusive as men both mentally and physically toward their husbands, and part 2 of What Women Really Want are just a taste of what's coming!

You can find He/She/Us on for only $1.99 an issue!  You have the option to download the PDF, use WebViewer, or download to your iPad.  You can also order a printed version.

I know you'll enjoy the magazine!  Give it a try!


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