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Long Time, No Blog

I have become obsessed with my new project!  I am creating, along with the help of some wonderful friends and writers, He/She/Us Magazine.  I am hoping to publish the first issue in June and do so quarterly afterwards until we can eventually go to bimonthly.  It's overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

Every month, at least two of the articles use statistics we gather from surveys we post on Survey Monkey.  These surveys are important to our writers, so please take a few minutes of your time to complete them.  The links to the surveys are always posted on our Facebook page and I will post them here as well. 

Here is our Facebook page, so please "like" us!  Tell your friends!

Our current survey is here!  Tell your friends!

Beyond the magazine, things are good.  Jake has been diagnosed with ADD (inattentive type) with no hyperactivity.  The school will do a 504 Plan that will follow him throughout his schooling and make sure that he receives any extra help he may need to complete schoolwork and testing.  These are things such as extra time, testing alone, or having tests read orally.  Anything that will help with his focus, this plan allows for, which is a good thing.  He has done much better with his homework, getting it all completed before I pick him up from the after school program.  That's so nice because he and I don't argue anymore about getting homework done.  He will have a sitter/tutor for the summer, and she will help him for a certain amount of time each day with math and writing. 

My job is going well.  I am still part time, so that's tough, but I keep hoping for it to go full time or perhaps another position will open up at the college.  I applied to take classes and am waiting for one more transcript.  This is exciting to me, so I really want to stay at the college.

How could I forget that I two weeks ago I celebrated my 50th birthday?!  I had a fun party thanks to my cousins and friends, and although I may have had a little too much to drink, I have no regrets! HA!



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