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What a Day!

One good thing out of this day is that I was paid in advance for 10 articles I'll be writing for Long2Wed!  The pressure is on to do a good job for them, but how nice that they would pay in advance!  I've submitted the first of ten articles, and I'm waiting for feedback just so I know I'm headed in the write direction.  Very exciting! 

EDIT: I just checked the site, and my first article is up!  YAY

I had scheduled some help to move a piece of furniture my friends were giving me.  I knew they wanted to get it out of the house this weekend, but this morning, my help was second guessing whether they could move such a heavy piece of furniture.  I asked my friends if they'd give me just a couple of days to ask someone else because I really wanted this TV cabinet.  it was a gorgeous piece of furniture, very nice quality, and I was more than grateful when they said I could have it.  But, instead of letting me have another couple of days, they gave it to someone else.  It's not big deal about the furniture, but it is that they, as two people I considered my best friends, couldn't give me another day or two to ask another friend to help.  I feel like they didn't even take into consideration that I'd be upset or hurt that they wouldn't give me a little more time.  It may be that there's something more going on here, but I am not going to take the time to dredge it all up to write about it.  I'm really disappointed in them, as I know I wouldn't have hesitated to wait, if it were me. 

To top it off, I walked out of the house and forgot my keys.  Now normally, I can credit card the lock in just a couple of tries.  No, I'm not a burglar, but I had to learn this trick since I've locked myself out several times.  This time, the lock would not budge!   I even got a neighbor to help, and he couldn't budge it.  An hour later, I knew my mom was on her way, since she has the only spare key, and I thanked my neighbor for trying.  I decided to try the lock one more time, and the dang door popped right open!  Finally, but dang it, an hour??  I've popped them in one try before! LOL  Needless to say, it was quite frustrating.

I managed to get my son to his friend's house to play for a while, we've had dinner, so I'm in hopes that nothing else "not so great" is going to happen today.  Maybe we'll go for ice cream...

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I truly empathize (like when your best friend intentionally forgets your birthday)!