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Mono, of all things!

Yep, seems instead of strep I probably have mono.  Whatever it is, the treatment is the same, meaning the antibiotics I've been on should do the job, but my doctor says mono given all the symptoms I'm still having.  In the meantime, I feel like I'm trying to walk in 90-mile-an-hour winds, like movin…

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Go Fund Me

In trying to figure out this whole magazine publishing idea, I can do it slowly with no budget or as the money trickles in from sales, or I can give a funding site a try.  I started with, but it's an "all or nothing" type campaign, where if you don't raise your goal amount, you get …

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It's Like Giving Birth!

As you know, I have always loved to write.  I think I may have finally found my niche not just for writing, but for being creative and helping others do the same.  Along with some great friends and writers, I launched this magazine!


It truly was like…

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Long Time, No Blog

I have become obsessed with my new project!  I am creating, along with the help of some wonderful friends and writers, He/She/Us Magazine.  I am hoping to publish the first issue in June and do so quarterly afterwards until we can eventually go to bimonthly.  It's overwhelming and exciting at the sa…

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Simply Sunday

I love the days where Jake is happy outside playing with his friends, and I can work on projects and peek out to check on him every now and then.  He's gaining this independence and I'm not used to it.  I still feel like I have to check every 5 minutes and make sure no one has taken him.  Paranoid m…

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Fall is Coming!

And this girl cannot wait!  Everything everyone loves about fall is on its way.  Crisp cool air, caramel apples at the fair, Halloween, cardigans, blankets on the couch with a good book or snuggling with my Jakers are all things I love about fall. 

It's raining today and I'm one of these people:

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Tell us about something you got in trouble for that you didn't actually do. - A Mama Kat Writing Prompt

It all started in first grade.  My mom made me wear dresses most of the time, and she began complaining that my panties were always dirty.  Was I sitting in the dirt?  Were we made to sit on the floor?  Why were my panties getting so dirty?  I had no clue! 

This went on for weeks, mind you, a…

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6 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Fall - A Mama Kat Writing Prompt

Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year.  The cool down from summer is the best, as I don't do well in the heat of summer.  Fall also brings beauty and peace and a more relaxing time for me. Here are the six things I look forward to with the coming of fall.

1. Halloween!  Even as a woman …

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What a Tuesday! Redeux!

I was typing the title of my post and realized I must have had another crazy Tuesday because I was using the same title.  Oh well! 

Two weeks ago I applied for a job at Limestone College, interviewed last Friday, and today they let me know I got the job!  I'm super excited!  It's part-time at 25 …

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The End of a Busy Week

The week was sad as well.  My great uncle passed, and I was so sad for my cousins and my great aunt.  I know after all is said and done she will be lonely and need us all.  The funeral was very nice and suited him perfectly. 

Ms. Grace here fell this week and sprained her ankle.  Of course, it'…

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Wall Hanging Ready to Quilt!

Yep, I started sewing it together last night and finished up this morning.  Pretty happy with it, and I don't think it needs to be bigger.  I may even make a second one with the squares I have left of these materials.  Here it is before I finished the assembly.


Here's after!  I like it.  I…

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Someone You'd Like to Hug - A Mama Kat Writing Prompt

Besides Richard Gere or Hugh Jackman, I'd want to hug my Ma'amma.  I'm sure she'd understand why I'd want to hug Richard and Hugh, and in fact would probably give them a squeeze herself. 

My Ma'amma, my mother's mom, was an odd bird.  When my mom was small, she was not a nice lady.  She married a…

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Next Quilted Piece

I'm thinking a wall hanging with the selection of brown materials that I have.  I had laid out a design a few weeks ago, but decided it wasn't quite right.  This photo doesn't do the colors justice.  I'm hoping to have the start of the design pieced together tonight.


And wha…

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Quilt Top Finished!

Need to get some batting and then the quilting can start! 



My 6th Grade Teacher - A Mama Kat Writing Prompt

Of all the teachers Mama Kat could have chosen, she picked sixth grade??  This teacher was my absolute worst ever.  She helped me in every way to feel insecure, self conscious, and at times just plain stupid.  How she became and stayed a teacher, I'll never know.

First of all, she had no eyebrow…

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Staying Busy

I keep telling myself it's okay to enjoy myself when I'm not scouring the Internet and newspaper for jobs.  I have lots of craft projects that need to be finished and this is a good time to try and complete them all. 

I've started with some quilting.  I've had the pieces cut out for quite a while…

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I have a 4th grader!

How does one go from this: A little guy ready for 4-year-old kindergarten,



to this: a soon to be 10-year-old whose shoe size is 6-1/2 and who is only about 3 inches away from being the same height as his mom??!!!



He's still so much my baby, but yet…

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A New, and Hopefully Successful Venture

We're only at the beginning, but my sister and I have decided to start a business.  It may be that we start with an Etsy store at first in hopes to make the money we need for a wholesale license and web site with a shopping cart.  Who knows? We may eventually have a nice little boutique down the way…

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I'm going with this!

10 Things That Make me Smile

I love Mama Kat's writing prompts!

1.  My boy.  He is the perfection in my life.                                                                                                                                    …

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