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My Wish List

I always seem to have lists going of things I'd like to have someday.  Of course, when someone asks me what I'd like for a gift I never refer to my list and tell them I have no clue.  It's fun to keep a list of what you'd like to have "one day".


After seeing cards made with these embossing folders, I want this Anna Griffin Cuttlebug!


The Cuttlebug and everything to go with it is on HSN!


A negative and slide scanner


I love these cuff rings!


If these aren't the sexiest pumps, then there are none in the world!  Gorgeous!


Not sure what models are out at this point, but I so want one of these!


A pink lamp?  Why, yes! 


The photo cube for printing directly from your iPhone! 


I'm in debate on what camera I'd like to have next.  It's between this Sony and...


This Fuji X-MI.  I love the retro look of this.


They're pink!  Of course I want them!


I love rings! 


This charm is adorable! 


Did I mention I love rings?  This one is so pretty!